Mobile 365

Last year I was a bit busy with a couple of projects that I was working on, and I didn’t write a lot of blog articles.  The reason is that I left Tectura Company that I worked for after 13 years.  I have been self-employed and working as Independent Consultant/Developer for the last 3 years on contracting jobs. So if you need an experienced NAV/SQL/.NET developer/consultant, don’t be shy about contacting me. I will try to post more posts and they will be shorter and more specific to issues that I run into during my projects.  I have been also working on mobile warehousing solution called Mobile 365.  There are several reasons for building this solution.  Standard NAV ACDS solution is an inadequate solution.  It doesn’t handle serial or lot tracked items. The ACDS solution can’t run on 64 bit OS and MS probably will not offer the solution in future. The hardware for ADCS is more expensive and run on older operating system. The new NAV Web/phone client can’t be customized for a warehouse solution.   

Mobile 365 does not modify any standard NAV objects and uses NAV webservice. It takes less than one hour to install. It runs on any html5 capable browser.  It works on iOS and Android with NAV version 2013 and higher. There are many android scanners that are cheap. So, implementing paperless warehouse solution should be a no brainer.


Here are a couple of screenshot of the solutions.


Here is link for Demo on azure server. I suggest to use your phone.


You can use Login/pw / Mobile365 for credentials.