Improving NAV Errors

NAV has many errors that are cryptic or don't give you enough information.   For example  When creating  a pick document, you get the dreaded error, "There is nothing to handle."  This post will not be about this unfortunately. 

The specific error I want to talk about is

"Posting Date is not within your range of allowed posting dates in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name='',Journal Batch Name='',Line No.='0'."


The error is clear but does not tell you the actual posting date.  If you are working on posting a document it's easy to know that the posting date  field on document needs to be changed and you can see the posting date. If you are running a batch process, it's unclear.


If the process for example adjust cost,  you wouldn't know where to start.   How far do you need to change the date?


A small fix that would make the error more user friendly is to add the posting date value. 


Modify CU 11 and 21 


Change Text001  from "is not within your range of allowed posting dates" to "%1 is not within your range of allowed posting dates"


Change code from


FIELDERROR("Posting Date",Text001);




FIELDERROR("Posting Date",STRSUBSTNO(Text001,"Posting Date"));


If MS would make this a fix that would be great.  

The error handling in NAV needs to be improved to make it more user friendly and MS has built functionality to direct the user to the place to fix it but, it will take a while for the NAV to utilize it. 


I haven't seen many blogs on the new error handling process or used in the application.


In addition  FIELDERROR  and TESTFIELD  should be changed  so that if the Primary key that they always mention is useless if they are blank. 

So they should not print the Primary key if they all have blank or default value.