How to Print to local printer using RDP

This is a poor man's way of having users connect remotely and allowing them to print locally. Using RDP, you will not have to spend money on an expensive product like Citrix unless you really have to. Note that Citrix is a great product, but it's out of reach for customers who have limited IT budget.

1. On the remote computer check to make sure the “Printers” box is checked on the “Local Resources” tab of the “Remote Desktop Connection”.

2. On the server install the printer driver that the remote user has. 

3. When the remote user connects the server will now see all of the remote’s printer ports

4. The remote user will now need to go to the “Printers” folder of the host computer and change the port setting 

5. When they click on the “Ports” tab of the printer they will see a list of all available ports. The ports that refer to the remote user will appear as TS00x (Where x will be 1-8 depending on the number of installed printers the remote user has).

6. Started with TS001 printed a test page. If that doesn't work, then changed the port and keep test printing until something prints on your computer.

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  • Remote desktop printing problems are most occurring problem right now. Problem can be solve by Tsprint. It's a universal driver system that means you no need to install any driver to your server and workstation. We also reviewed other tools but they where too expensive and didn't really offer any advantage.

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  • I am trying to setup remote printing. We are using MS Windows Server 2003 STD, and we have installed terminal server on this server.

    Unfortunately, we had a printer problem, so I cleaned the printer spooler with a MS program. That has deleted all printer ports, including the existing TS00X ports.

    Only now the server doesn't establish the connection again. I have configured the connection to do so, but it seems that the TS virtual printer ports have dissapeared from the server.

    Does anyone know how to fx this??

  • It's pretty simple to setup. You need to first install a printer to your local machine. Then set that machine up to share that printer. Then on the remote machine find the shared printer and add it to the remote machines printer list. This is how I do it for my , computers and networks repair company, TechBranch of Tampa</a>.

  • We've seen print queues fill up on the local client (dozens) when printing from the RDP session (one page).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • The cost of additional RDP connection is just purchasing additional terminal server connection. Either way, it's a lot cheaper than Citrix.

  • Another option is to install drivers in Server. For example if you install a printer in server with the exactly same drivers that customer has. When the customer connects to server local printer should be available in server.

  • Very good post. Isn't it still the case that each Windows Server license comes with two RDP license? What is the approx. cost of adding more?