Where is the Jobs Module Going?

I've just read this Blog Entry http://navpm.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!1094F6BBCB23D134!193.entry written by Selena B. Jensen from Microsoft, who is the Product Manager for Dynamics NAV's Job Module.

It's a very interesting article, which is actually based on a meeting she had with me and some of my co-workers last week.

But there are many questions about where the whole area of Jobs, Contracts and Service is moving in Dynamics NAV. Especially if you are in service industry as I am.
Most of our Jobs are part of a Contract, and for each contract we have many different jobs with many different tasks, and each tasks is configured with a recurrency schedule with a specific number of resources. And the "big" thing here is that a contract/job as a main rule, does not have an ending-date, but continues until cancelled. So in many ways we could add another keyword here: Subscriptions - as this is what it often reminds more about.
But that's not all, what about Project Management? And maybe integration to Microsoft Project? A large part of my company is not only facility service oriented, but is very project oriented.
Jobs in NAV 5.0 has become a much better (now useable out of the box fro many companies), but there is still a lot to do...
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