Where are we going?

Back in September I wrote that I was working on many new projects.

Well I still am. Some of them involving this website – the Dynamics User Group – some of them my company – the Dynamics Experts and some of them a number of new initiatives.

The user group

Right now my plan is that the user group will continue as it is today. There will not be any major increase in the number of banner ads. Instead I hope that we will be able to find more sponsors. Companies who think that the website is doing an important job and who would like to get their name and logo affiliated with the biggest and most popular independent Microsoft Dynamics community website (according to both Alexa.com and Compete.com).

The newsletters will be a more important part. This has allowed us to get in contact with members we otherwise have not seen for a very long time. They enjoy reading the newsletter, but in general only visits the sites whenever they have a problem.

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletters, then please visit Newsletter Subscription Page. Here you can see the different newsletter and sign up to them.

But I’m desperately in need of someone who can help me sell job ads, sponsorships and banner ads for the website and the newsletters. You are going to get paid very good, if I’m able to find the right person. I think that it will be a good part time/freelance job, but I’m really interested in finding someone who can see a future with 10-12 months where he/she would be able to have it as a full-time job, mostly working from home. If you think this might be you, or if you know someone, then please contact me ASAP!

The Dynamics Experts and the other initiatives

On the more commercial front then I hope soon to be able to announce the Dynamics Freelancers initiative that have been writing about before. The freelancing recruiting network created to work for the freelancer, not against the freelancers, as I feel most agencies do today. It will have local partners in different countries who will handle local needs and requirements and we already have partners in Denmark, the Netherlands and in the UK. But we would really like to hear from interested partners in the US and Australia. Later we will add more regions.

This was just a short update.

If you have some great idea’s for me regarding what the future blog posts should be about, then please contact me. Thanks.

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