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I know it's been a long time since I've been writing to this blog. It's not because nothing has happend the last months. No in fact I've been very busy (who isn't?). But it's like this: every day I'm ready many very interesting blog posts, both here on the Dynamics User Group and on other sites. Most of them are very good, written by experts who put a lot of time into their posts about very interesting topics.

With a busy life of both job, family and the dharma and more, then there isn't really so much time to "do research", like it seams many of the other blog posters have. Instead I'm trying to combine everything into a perfect harmony. So not so many deep and interesting expert posts from me.

"What's new?" is the title of this post. So I better write a bit of news!

Since my last post (the happy new year post!) something BIG has happend here on dynamicsuser.net - we have passed 100,000 posts! This happend last month and I actually only noticed it when my good friend David Singleton told me! Shame on me! We had actually planned that this should have been a big event and that the person who did the 100,000'st post should have a big price! Instead I will promise that we do a very big event out of who makes post number 200,000! Just please let me know when we are getting closer! Wink With the number of posts we are having now, then it shouldn't take too long!

I will stop this post here and instead start to read this book I just recevied "Technical Inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.00.01". It's writte by our new moderator Rene Gayer and I promise that I will post review as soon as I have completed the book!

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