What is the plan with Microsoft Dynamics NAV until 2017?

Are you planning to invest in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or did you already invest in Navision? Do you want to know what Microsoft is planning do with Dynamics NAV until 2017?

As Waldo wrote in his recent blog post then Microsoft has just released their new statement of directions for Dynamics NAV. The statement of directions is document where Microsoft describes their plans with Navision until 2017.

I will here try to highlight what I think are the most important changes to see after NAV 2009.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV "7" to be released 2010-2011

  • The native database will finally be retired. This is great news as it finally allows Microsoft to take full benefit of all the functions in Microsoft SQL Server. The native database (aka the C/Side database) has been great and was way before it's time when it was released in 1989, but now it's really not living up the to requirement of 2009.
  • It will be possible to use Microsoft SharePoint as a part of the RoleTailored user experience.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV "8" to be released 2013-2014

  • C/Side and the classic client will be retired leaving the RTC as the only client. This also includes introducing developer and designer tools in the new client.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV "9" to be released 2016-2017

  •  For the first time Microsoft now starts talking about "micro-vertical solutions", a term previusly only used by SAP. What Microsoft says so far is that they will create functionality that will enable their parts to develop vertical and "micro-vertical solutions". This is a term I'm looking forward to hear much more about.

Download the statement of directions.

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  • That's right, and that's why you can't download the document or powerpoint directly. Only if you have access to Partnersource.

    But they also write "You can use the document and slide deck to prepare for your business as well to be able to speak with confidence to customers and prospect about the product future."

    So the way I see it is that I can talk and write whatever, but not distribute the document. I also saw another document that the SOD would be made fully public here in June 2009, and the only reason for not doing that from the beginning was to give their partners a head start.

  • Hmm that's not what they say ...

    "The document and slide deck must NOT be distributed broadly in any form or on your Web sites. "


  • No it's not NDA. You're allowed to write everything you want about it, as long as you don't upload the files.

    But to everyone who have access to Partnersource, then you can download it. So I'm going to replace the file with a link to partner source in the download section.