Welcome to Convergence EMEA 2008 in Copenhagen (post 1)

I have just arrived in Bella Center, the venue where Microsoft Convergence takes place in Copenhagen 2008. They also call it Convergence EMEA, for Europe, Middleeast and Africa and this is the second year in the row where they have it here in Bella Center.

It's only 8:30am here and the conference is not set to start until 9:30am, but as a local resident (I love about 50 km from Bella Center), then I know the morning traffic, which sometimes simply isn't accountable. But this morning it was actually ok. It took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get here. And then the lines to get my access card was also quite short today. I remember last year were it took some people up to 30 minutes to get their card. So I decided to get here early. Last year I was also participating as a speaker, so I could use the VIP counter to get my card. This year I'm here "only" as a customer.

With my Dynamics NAV cap on, then the primary topic of this whole conference is the release of Dynamics NAV 2009, which Corporate Vice President, Kirill Tatarinov is expected to announce in his keynote at 9:30am. As being one of the Dynamics NAV MVP's, then of cause I have already seen this many times. But as I'm am working for a company which currently is just wrapping up our Dynamics NAV 5.0 (sp1) version of our global Core, then to me my main interest isn't really NAV 2009.

Today besides the keynotes and general NAV session, then I'm going to listen a little about SQL performance and NAV, although I don't expect to hear too much news. And later this afternoon I'm going to participate in some focus groups about Help and documentation.

I'm planning to write a little about the diffent sessions I'm participating in, but do also expect to see blog posts from the other bloggers from Dynamicsuser.net.

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