Wake me up before September ends!

That’s how one of my favorite songs by Green Day sounds. And this is basically how I feel right now. Job wise then until now I’ve talked with tons of recruiters, many different people from my network. About the different idea’s I’ve been writing here on this blog.

Right now it seems both like the freelancer, the recruiter and the company ideas are going to become a reality, at the same time I’m going to start a rather important project, that will allow me to continue to be self-employed at least for the rest of the year. On top of that then my wife’s tomorrow is going one week to Thailand, to pick up her son. So right now I just want the next week to end, so that I can see how September ends.

But none of the plans are going to become the way we thought about doing it. Right now there are no signed contracts, so I can’t say more right now.

A lot will change or be clear when September ends!

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