Up, up and up?

It's been 3 very exciting month to be a webmaster at http://dynamicsuser.net - the visitor numbers have been going up, up and up! Ok, this was after over 1 year where it was going down, down and down, primarily due to the bad performance of the old site, including many daily periods where the site basically did not work!

Then we first upgraded to Community Server 2007 and then moved to our new web server performance has been great. And now the visitors are coming back.

But then again it has also been hard work. For maybe the last 3 years, in avarage I have been using maybe 5-10 minutes every day. But the last 3 months it has been about 30-45 minutes - including weekends! My wife is sometimes a bit tired of me! Wink

There are now about 4000 visitors per day, which is up about 500 in just 1 month. I think this is very good, especially since we are up with almost 2000 more since June!

There is still a lot to do, to make this site out perform all other Dynamics community sites on the web. The foundation we have choose Community Server proved to be a very good platform. The solution is growing at a pace where we can only be happy and look forward to a lot of great functionality. They have made a list functionality to come in the next releases. This includes: Media Gallery (for us this means a much better download section), Knowledge Base, Wiki, CMS (better presentation and layout), FAQ functionality.

We will also see something they call "Hubs". Each Hub will (optionally) have a blog, forum and gallery for files. Hubs will support the idea of members belonging to a hub (with modes such as open, invite only, and private). In other words, this means that we will be able to create special hubs for Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM etc. Why do that? you might ask. We would do that to be able to make a site where we can give each member more precise what this member needs. So if you're a Dynamics NAV programmer, then most likely you're not very interested in Dynamics GP programming! I think that this especially can do a lot for the smaller areas of the user group (AX, GP and CRM), as we within these hubs can focus 100% on "their" products. In the normal site posts about these products almost disapear in the Dynamics NAV posts.

On top of this then David Singleton and I are also working on a few extensions to the Dynamics User Group. But more about that later...

So there is a lot of good functionality and improvements on http://dynamicsuser.net to look forward to.

I will end this little post with a big thank you to all the members. Without your support we would not be here.

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