Unicode in Navision

We have discussed this subject many times over the years. And so far Microsoft did never say “you will have Unicode in Navision”, but now, with the release of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction – April 2010, it is official. This is something I have waited for for many years now. But it also means that it will be the death of the native database for Navision. The introduction of unicode will be happening with the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV “7”, which is planned to hit the markets in 2011.


Other interesting things in the new SOD

There are other interesting news in the new statement of directions. Some things are great, other ok, and some are actually sad.

Forms will become history with NAV “7”

This is kind of sad. Not that I’m not open for improvements, but the forms in Navision has been my good friends for 15 years! And the pages aren’t really the same! Especially since there has not been any graphical designer of the WYSIWYG type. But they have also promised an improved “Page Designer”. Looking forward to that.

The consequences of removing the Forms from Navision is that customers will no longer be able to use the Classic Client. The Classic Client will not die with the release of NAV “7”, as the they are not planning to release a development platform based upon the RoleTailored Client until NAV “8” in 2013. But for the regular end-user, then it’s goodbye classic client.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We heard it before, but now they claim that it’s actually coming: The Dynamics CRM / Dynamics NAV Connector!  I don’t want to comment more on this before I’ve actually seen it.

I could continue for a long time, as there are many other interesting things in the statement of direction, but I will leave this for your self to read.

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  • Hi All,

    It is really good news that Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2013 supports Unicode! However, it is only Unicode Data Input. The Development Environment is still the same as Classic Client. We cannot input Unicode Characters, Text Constants in C/AL Editor or Table CaptionML property … to localize the system, especially systems of multinational companies.

    My company has several branches located in many countries access one database in their own language. We found a vendor that can help us solve the problem. You can find detail information at my post at


    Hope this information can help you!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Luc,

    I think that is correct. But since you no longer will be able to create new or modify the ones you have, then it will not really be very practically for a customer to use them. They will have the choice. Stay on NAV 2009 OR UPGRADE TO RTC.

  • Hi Erik,

    Regarding the Forms: the way I understood this issue forms will not be delivered anymore. However, as classic client is still there (or as you say it:"Classic Client will not die with the release of NAV “7”") you will still be able to run forms, so use the once you already have. But sure: you will not have the latest UI changes for forms from MS (only for pages).