Top 100 Most Influential Dynamics People (2010)

I don’t think anyone who visits this site regularly have missed that the “Top 100 Most Influential Dynamics People” list has been published once again.

The top 10 for 2010 looks like this:

1 Kirill Tatarinov
2 Doug Kennedy
3 Adam Warby
4 Thomas Olofsson
5 Mike Gillis
6 Preben Damgaard
7 Klaus Holse Andersen
8 Terry Petrzelka
9 Jesper Balser
10 Doug Burgum
Actually quite interesting to see all the names here which I personally have never heard about! But they might have felt the same, when I was listed as number 10 on last years list. This year I have “dropped” down to number 11! But it just shows that the Dynamics World is much bigger than our Navision and Axapta centered Dynamics User Group.
So who did actually made it into the list who is a member of the Dynamics User Group?
11 Erik P. Ernst
13 Jorg Stryk
18 Timo Lasser
20 Luc Van Dyck (not a DUG member, but owner of the Mibuso site)
26 Mark Brummel
34 Alex Chow
35 Eric Wauters
41 Steven Weaver
56 Rene Gayer
61 Kamil Sacek
62 Per Mogensen
79 Anna Perotti
83 David Singleton
84 Hynek Mulhbacher
85 Sandeep Walia
100 Harish Mohanbabu
This is a fine list and a warm congratulations to everyone on the list. You all deserve to be on the list.
But I must say where are Dave Roys, Vjekoslav Babic, Daniel Rimmelzwaan, Jan Silleman, Michael Nielsen and a lot of the other great Dynamics people who in my mind deserves to be on the list, just as much as many of the people listed today?
Basically I’m honored to be on the list, but on the other hand then I find that the list is not quite was it claims to be. Personally I don’t think that I have much influence on what Microsoft is actually doing with Dynamics, yes I am an MVP, I have a very popular blog and website, but I really think that Microsoft’s Steven Ballmer has more influence on Dynamics than me. And Steven Ballmer is not even on the list this year!
But thanks to for the list – it’s great entertainment and I wish that I had come up with the idea before them!
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