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It’s not often that really meet a website where I think, “Wow this website I really want to share with everybody!” But although this website has a very specific target, then here is a site! The.Project.Management.Hut is really a must know site for everyone working with project management.

They have so many great articles about project management. So many that I really have a backlog of 5-6 good posts that I want to read, but simply don’t have the time to read, although I’m reading at least one post every day.

It’s been really difficult to select a few of the many great posts as examples to mention:

Is an ERP Implementation Project Just a Project?

This post is actually written by someone familiar to most of you -  Vjekoslav Babić the co-author of the book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. But this blog post is about the specialty of ERP implementation projects. In his post Vjeko also mention “The Ten Steps” by Fergus O’Connell. A list he say should be no news to any software project manager. I must say the list as such was new to me. Most of the points not:

  1. Visualize the goal; set your eyes on the prize;
  2. Make a list of jobs to be done;
  3. There must be one leader;
  4. Assign people to jobs;
  5. Manage expectations, allow a margin for error, have a fallback position;
  6. Use an appropriate leadership style;
  7. Know what’s going on;
  8. Tell people what’s going on;
  9. Repeat Steps 1–8 until step 10; and finally
  10. The Prize

This is a great list! And a great post by one of the best Dynamics bloggers (see if you don’t know it allready).

Deploying Lean Principles to ERP Implementation Projects

This post by Alexander Hankewicz is also great reading for Dynamics consultants and project managers. In this article Alex is applying the core values of Lean Manufacturing is known as the “5S Method“ to an ERP implementation like this:

  • Sort - Use only parts of the ERP system which benefit the company
  • Simplify - Use ERP to enable integrated business processes i.e. inventory control
  • Shine - Ensure that you work with accurate and timely data
  • Standardize - Document and standardize, business processes
  • Sustain - Business Processes executed by ERP executed on a consistent and timely basis

He claims that the results achieved by the ERP system deployment have resulted in cost reductions and improvements. And I would say that it would sound very likely.


I could mention many other post, but if you’re a Dynamics consultant or project manager then you should really invest some of your time in this website (

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