You know these list from many other areas, the top 100 most influential industy leaders in New Jersey, the top 100 most beautiful couples in Hollywood and so on. But now there is one list that is more interesting for the readers here on - "Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Influential People 2009" is online.

I found out about this after reading Brandon George's AX Blog today, and especially it surprised me see my own name listed as number 10. Yes you heard right the top 10.

The full top 10 list includes:

  1. Preben Damgaard
  2. Kirill Tatarinov
  3. Doug Kennedy
  4. Klaus Holse Andersen
  5. Mike Gillis
  6. Allison Watson
  7. Jesper Balser
  8. Adam Warby
  9. Thomas Olofsson
  10. Erik Ernst

If you don't know all the other persons on the list, then lookup the list. There's details about everyone. But being on a list with such "famous" people makes me feel very honored. What made me feel even more honored was actually I don't really know any of the editors of the list (Ashen Ali, Steven Alspberg, Wiraiwan Changhai,Trevor Ishmail, Callum Murray and Harry Patterson), and they are not really the most well known names on the user group. Here is what they wrote about the basic for creating the top 100 list:

  • How many people are affected in Microsoft Dynamics by their decisions.
  • How many people do they have regular contact with in the Microsoft Dynamics Community.
  • How long have they been involved in the Microsoft Dynamics Community.
  • How many certifications do they have.
  • How much positive feedback we got from our forums and voting phone lines.

I'm not really sure what forums/voting lines they are talking about, but maybe some knows.

The other members of DUG who made it to the list (and that I know) are :

  • 16 - David Singleton
  • 23 - Mark Brummel
  • 24 - Alex Chow
  • 25 - Luc Van Dyck (Mibuso owner)
  • 28 - Steven Weaver
  • 35 - Anna Perotti
  • 38 - Jörg Stryk
  • 45 - Alain Krikilion
  • 49 - Rene Gayer
  • 50 - David Roys (aka Gaspode)
  • 71 - Eric Wauters

Congratulations to everyone!

I must say that there are people on the list where it really surprises me that they are even on the list. And there are other people that I really think should have made it to the list. Just to mention a few:

  • Vjekoslav Babic (Navigate Into Success blog editor)
  • Michael Nielsen (C/SIDE developer - you met him on the Mibuso Conference)

But anyway I'm going to keep this website under investigation, they are also writting that the website is really under construction also.


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  • Well it seams like they've just changed their site. It's back again with a new layout.

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thank you. You're right. I wonder what they have been doing. The site was up only two days ago.

  • Link to the 100 is invalid!

  • Congratulations making the top 10, Erik.  Some of those on the list who you may not know are people who focus on Dynamics GP, several of whom are based in Fargo.   I have worked with many over the years.    Sadly not too many are based in Asia-Pacific but overall it is a good representation.

  • Yes Eric, it's clear that somebody is missing from the list, but then again the list was made to be for all the Dynamics products.

    And then it needed to be more clear what the criteria's are. How is influence really defined?  

  • It's cool that a list like this exists ... but indeed ... opinions differ in who should be on it and who not.

    I miss David Studebaker, David Roys, Olga Mulvad, Michael Rosenorn, Kurt Juvyns (:°) ) and some other people in the list... .

    May be for next year, they could include a voting-period or something? :-)

  • =)) I mean through User group community=)

  • Thank you Dmitry. If you know these people, then I would love to know what community they visit! :)

  • My congratulations! I've met some of people, others are known just through community, but anyway this is great!

  • Well Torsten, you really sound like you're envy on the MVPs and this list?

    Most of the MVP's are also busy making Dynamics clients happy every day, nobody spends 8 hours a day posting on a forum. Except for the fact that most of the MVP's also are freelancers, and almost all freelancers have periods without a project, and during this period they most a lot more than during other periods. And for freelancers, who don't have other co-workers, then the community, like this website, are their co-workers.

    But this Top 100 list isn't really about MVP's - only a small fraction of the 100 people named are MVP's.

    Influences on Dynamics can be on many levels, and I think the list pretty good reflects that. Some have the direct influence like the Microsoft executives. Others have an indirect influence like all the people active in the community, through the blogs and forums, on the different conferences and other meetings (like closed MVP meetings) we are able to say what we think should be the future of the Dynamics world. And as we really represent the different end-users and it professionals, then of course Microsoft listen (to a certain degree).

  • Kidding? Who comes up with this list? What about the countless individuals who make Dynamics clients happy on a daily basis who are so busy they can't spend 8 hours a day posting on some forum? MVP, as in Many Various Postings......