SOPA would mean a goodbye to community websites

I have just read this article about a new law in the US called SOPA, or the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, and it is headed through U.S. Congress with its sister bill PROTECT-IP in the Senate. And while I’m not usually writing about political issues, then I need to mention this and point your attention to the fact that if this law would ever come into effect, then it would limit any website in the US (or maybe even sites being “broadcasted” into the US) from being able to operate. They would basically need to manually verify that nothing being posted to their websites in anyway is in conflict with any copyright holders. And the major problem is not only that they are liable, but that the website as soon as it gets reported to the authorities will get banned and inaccessible. Before either getting a warning or having the ability to defend them self for a court.

This is making me so annoyed as it would make it impossible for anyone ever to host any website with any user created content. At least I’m not having my website in the US, but many of our members are from there, and eventually the access to our website could be closed in the US. And sites like ours in the US would more or less have to stop bringing any user generated content such as forum posts or upload collections. And think about sites like Youtube, Facebook or Twitter? For them even to continue to operate then they have to sign so harsh liability contracts with all users with so big fines that no one would risk even to post anything.

And thanks to Per Morgensen of to point my view toward this bill.

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