So what to do now?

As I wrote before then I was fired from my job at ISS. And that I was to find out what then to do with my life. Two weeks ago I cam back from two weeks vacation in Thailand. It's was a great vacation. I love Thailand and for me there's really no better way to relax and think than a beach in Thailand.

So I've really had a lot of times to think. And of course nothing happens without reasons. That's the law of karma. And it really allows me to regain the feeling of control of my own life. As long as you work in a company it's very difficult remain in control, it's like things you just go on auto pilot. And especially with the global financial crisis, then not many people would just skip their job to try something new. Being without a job gives you a chance to rethink everything.

So that's what I'm currently doing. The thought about returning to work for a traditional Microsoft Dynamics partner really haven't been too apealing to me. I don't really know why. And working for an end-user can on the other hand be fun, but it can also be very boring, I know that now.

Right now all I want is really to start my own company. Either as a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics experts freelancer, but I've also tried that before. But I'm really more into starting a "real" company, where we would be more people than just me. Something where I really can use all that I have learned the last over 20 years. Where I could benefit from the huge network I have been able to build up over the last almost 15 years where I have been running this website and user group. Something where a group of the higest experts as found here on Dynamics User Group starts up something together that nobody else has seen before. Not a network of independent Dynamics freelancers. But a company entirely of the best Dynamics experts as available globally. A company that would focus on ensuring everybody more success in their Dynamics implementations, end-users who have really gotten a dead-end with their current conventional partner, or simply need help not provided by their existing partner, and also new partners who would need project training and coaching, or simply have no current experience in handling international implementations.

For now I've registered and started a website for the new company. Here I have been trying to describe a little more of what this company should be all about. And I hope soon to be able to announce who my partner in the new company will. But it's someone who is familiar to a lot of you here on the Dynamics User Group.

You find the website at  And I would love to hear your comments.

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  • thaks for the post i had been having trouble connecting my account right now i am working on a porject whre i have to addon our own help kit to the system

  • Hi Val,

    I know you're right. The better people you bring together, the more "prima-donna's" and the more "I know better" attitude. But that's exactly why it's taking so long to get everything planned, get the business plans done and exactly find out how to do it. But it has to be the best people! Otherwise the whole idea goes into the drain. We are not going to become "a normal partner", who sells you the software, install it and then leaves.

  • Hi Erik,

    The idea to bring BEST people together and create company looks quite unrealistic... Nothing is more difficult than make good peope to work together... 6 years ago i opened company and tried to manage it myself... It took me almost a year to undrstand that instead of managing operations i just trying to do everything myself... I afraid that this can happen to your company also...

    My advice will be - do not try to bring BEST people together - try to create balanced team where people add value to each other. If you bring 10 best programmers together company will fail, but if you take one good programmer, one good project manager, one good salesperson, one good consultant... you company will be the BEST on the market.

    Good Luck.

  • Dear Erik

    Best you...

    So you have finally declared your Road map.....

    All the best