Should you invest in Dynamics NAV now?

In a different post Daniel asked a very interesting question after Microsoft's announcement that Dynamics NAV 5.1 (now NAV 6.0 or NAV 2008) will not be released until the first half year of 2008, which I think deserves an answer. 

"I don't know what you all think, but this puts me in a very difficult position. How can I allow my customers to invest significant money into a solution that keeps on being postponed? How can I, with a clear conscience, tell my customers about what will be included in the next release, or how much effort it will be to go to Navision 5.1/Navision 6.0?"

Well for me as a customer I would say that with the fact that "6.0" has now been postponed has actually made my business case for a Navision 5.0 upgrade even stronger. Before the announcement the only "excuse" for not doing this investment was that we would "have to" upgrade again after a short period. Additionally we would have to invest another big amount in even more user training for all the users moving from Navision 4.0.

Now I feel that my investment is actually a little more secure.

And I think, lets face it, when they do release Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0/2009, then it will most likely be at least as buggy as all their other major releases, so one should wait at least for the first service pack release.

Good news on Convergence was also the fact that they have now announced the service pack for Dynamics NAV 5.0 to released, topped with the news that they do now offer a 10 years "guarantee" on the product.

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