Plaxo - Great little tool

For a almost lot of years by now, I have been using a small tool called Plaxo ( And I can only recommend everybody else to use this also. I use it to keep my contact list up to date at all times. Especially in this industry, where so many people are changing from one job to another, then it's hard to keep once contacts up to date. And doing it manually simply takes too much time. Using Plaxo I'm automatically get all the updates from all my contacts directly into my contact list in Microsoft Outlook, and those who are not using Plaxo, I can simply skip of a "Update Request" asking the contacts to update whatever might have changed in their profile. Great - it saves me so much time.

In another situation it's even more important to have a Plaxo profile. That's when you are going to change from one job to another. As long as you have your Plaxo integrated to Outlook, then you will always have an updated copy of your contacts online. And as soon as you get your new email and Outlook profile in your new company, then you just contacts again to Plaxo and you'll automatically get all your old contacts into your new contact list. But also all your contacts will recevie an update from you telling them your updated information.

The latest addition from Plaxo is something they call Pulse. I'm not quite sure what I should think about this. It looks almost like "Just Another Social Network" - but it has something I do like. You can categorize your contacts here between "Business Network" (coworkers, old-class mates, people you've meet etc.), "Friends" (only your reallife friends - not not social network) and "Family". If I look at my contact list at, then I have almost 2000 contacts here, but I would say that many of these are not people I really know so well that I can introduce them to other people. So when I'm accept Pulse connections I will only accept someone who I really know. So all received requests for connections here will be rejected, unless they come with link here to the site including a good reason to why we should connect.

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