Office 2010 is out - but don't install the 64 bit version!

Some weeks ago I wrote in my blog about the release of Microsoft Office 2010. And then last week it was released. First to Volume Licensing customers and subscribers to TechNet/MSDN.

Today I took the time to download the final version from MSDN. I downloaded and installed the 64 bit version, as I'm also running Windows 7 in the 64 bit version.

The actual install took a bit more time than I expected, primary because I had to uninstall both some of the old Office 2007 and all the Office 2010 Beta installations. And don't forget anything! After my 3rd reboot where Outlook still didn't work (Error: Managed MAPI Service Catastrophic Failure), then I figured out that I actually had forgotten to remove the "Business Contact Manager 2010" beta. But finally I was able to start and run the new Office package without errors.

Well at least until my next test. One the biggest problems I had with the beta version of Office 2010 was that I was not able to synchronize calendar and contacts with my mobile phone. According to the sources I found regarding this error, only occurring in the 64 bit version, then the answer was that it would be fixed when the final version of 2010 was released.

But no! It is still not possible to synchronize with the 64 bit version Outlook 2010 - and it will not be possible until the components used to synchronize are also 64 bit.

So my advice to you is DON'T INSTALL THE 65 BIT VERSION OF OFFICE 2010!

I can recommend the following article:  (I wish that I had seen it before installing the 64 bit version).

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