No old versions of Navision on Windows 7 for me!

One of the reasons why I wanted to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 was that I was told that it was possible to run the older versions of Navision here.

So when Windows 7 was release in its RTM (released to manufacturing) version, then I was quick to download it and install it.

Until now my experience with Win 7 has been ok. But I was not really unhappy with Vista, like most other people I have met. My Vista (64 bit version) was running fine. So it has not really been that big a change.

I also quickly installed Navision, both the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, but also the older Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 4.0 SP3. This service pack was also the only of the older version that could run on Vista. So of course both versions ran fine.

Yesterday I wanted to try the old Navision 3.70.

According to the blog Randomly Learned it should be possible. I just had to check my processor first! The issue is that Windows 7 have a new set of requirements to allow you to use the so-called XP Mode:

Processor capable of hardware virtualization, with AMD-V™ or Intel® VT turned on in the BIOS.

So I downloaded an ran the SecurAble application. And the result was not nice:


This means that my new (only three months old) HP laptop doesn’t allow me to use the old versions of Navision!

What if I didn’t get the No Hardware Virtualization result?

If you didn’t get this results, then all you need to do is to download and install Windows Virtual PC and the Windows XP Mode.

And then you can follow this guide: Setup and use XP Mode in Windows 7.



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