Microsoft is Killing Navision (part 2)

In my blog last week I documented the fact that Microsoft is Killing Navision. That has led to a lot of comments, both here and in many other blogs and on LinkedIn.

But I think that many people didn't read all of my blog post, as many thought that I said that they where killing Navision because it was a bad product, or that they where planning to dump it any day soon.

But do not doubt. NAV or Navision is a great product! And the guys and girls working with the product are all doing a great job. If I would bet on which product that would survive the longest in a free market - where all the Dynamics products had the same conditions and financial situation (not bound to Microsoft), then I would think that Navision would be the one. That's not the problem!

The problem is the branding! Navision is simply disapearing from the mind of everyone, when Microsoft is not doing their part of the work.I think the plan of renaming the products was also to save money - it gotta be cheaper to do marketing for one brand name instead of 5 brand names.

In fact I also think that they have a good strategy with Microsoft Dynamics. If they can keep 5 different products on the same basic platform then it will be much cheaper in the long term. Just like the car factories, where you use the same platform for many different cars (even from different brands). But I think that they have forgotten that each of the 5 products have it's own and very different profile. The way they have been doing their marketing in the last 2 years basically have forgotten all about that. And many people have heard about the example of the Microsoft sales person who simply said to the customer "Oh you just need Dynamics", and then continues to talk about the one product he knw (Axapta), when what he really was asking about was Navision.

I have now started a group on Facebook Give us back Navision. I hope that you will join me and start ask for Navision. And when you talk to someone from Microsoft don't say NAV, say Navision. Tell them that you want the name Navision back.

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  • "David Singleton wrote re: Microsoft is Killing Navision (part 2)

    on Fri, Jul 10 2009 12:10

    @iceborg. To answer your question. Have you heard of a web site called go there and do a search for "navision" and then for "nav".

    What do you see.

    - If you search Navision, you can go for 10 pages, and only find 5 or so posts that are not related to Navision.

    - If you search for NAV you can go for 10 pages and only find about 5 hits that are for Navision, and the first 4 are hits to Microsoft.

    What it means is that people are being encouraged to just search for Microsoft and then Microsoft will decide what product they should buy.

    "  David said it exactly right, my company is a small cog in a big multinational, I just recently sat throught a microsoft presentation on the future of ERP, when it got the Q & A session, and people asked about specific products, and which was best, the Microsoft reps, said don't worry about which product is what, we will determine the proper product for your company.  word for word what David is saying

  • No doubt Axapta is a great product! In many senses it might even be superior to Navision. But if cost didn't matter then I bet that we would all live in bigger houses and driver smarter cars. In regards to Axapta, then it's not only the license prices which are much higher, but especially the implementation costs, that sometimes is getting close to SAP (a badly managed AX project)

  • Susan, I understand. But we need to take pricing into consideration. When looking at the software and implementation cost, all of a sudden AX doesn't seem all that attractive.

  • Alex, it is more than which is the superior product, it that is then case then Axapta beats Navision hands down.

    The Sales and Marketing concept should be what is the best fit for the customers needs.

  • @Erik: You're right. Dynamics NAV is a poor name for Navision. Most partners and end users (new and old) are still calling the product Navision.

    But doing a name change will not solve much... I still believe Microsoft needs to get their butts together and realize Navision is a superior product.