NAV MVP Award Number 12

October 1st is not only the day Dynamics User Group can celebrate it’s 20st anniversary. It’s also the day where the new MVP cycle starts. First time I received it was in 2004, and I’ve received it each year since. Every year it has become something I look forward to. will I get it or not? And since the mails are sent from Seattle, then here in Denmark it’s late afternoon, before the mail arrives. The waiting had become long.

But I did it again – just received the “Congratulations 2015 Microsoft MVP” email! Thank you, it’s always a happy surprised again to have received. Especially since I have not been the most visible MVP the last couple of years. You can read much more about what I spent my time on instead in the anniversary blog post. But now that I know that both the past (the many old posts and blogs etc.) and the future looks bright, technically speaking, then you can also expect to see a lot more to me again.

I had hoped to meet a lot of you in Mannheim next week for Directions EMEA 2016, but I have spent so much time on the website the last couple of weeks, that have to stay home working. 

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