My first Directions conference

Last week I participated in the Directions EMEA 2010 conference which took place in Prague in the Czech Republic. It was the first time me to participate in Directions, as this conference is for NAV partners only, and the previous years I have been working directly for end-users.

Directions is a conference arranged by and for Navision partners. Originally it was a US based conference but for three years it has also been taking place here in Europe – or the EMEA area which is Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Not that there was any participants from Africa, so maybe they should call it Europe, Middle-East and Asia, as there was several participants from Asia, including India and Japan.

If you like me are familiar with Microsoft’s own Convergence and especially in the US, then you are also used to conferences with 2-3000 participants. Directions EMEA did not have 3000 participants, but only a little over 300. And that was actually great! It was a very nice conference almost cozy. You really had a chance to meet a lot of new people and to “build bridges” as their slogan is. And even though Microsoft is not responsible for this event, then this doesn’t mean that they do not do their part to make Directions a success. Besides being the main sponsor of the conference then they did send a large number of their best people including Michael Nielsen, Claus Lundstrøm, Lars Hammer, Thomas Hejlsberg and a lot more.

The quality of the sessions was also much higher than I have been used to at Microsoft’s own conference. There was really content for everybody, no matter if you are working with sales or consulting/development. And several of my fellow NAV MVP’s delivered excellent sessions within their expertise.

I like to thank the Directions EMEA committee for arranging this non-profit conference. They have really been doing a great job.

I’m sure that I will be there next year and if I can get it to fit with my plans, then I will also be there for Directions US in San Diego on October 3 – 6, 2010.

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