Microsoft Office 2010 soon to be available

Just a short update. This morning I finally got to the bottom of my emails. And one of the things here was that Microsoft two days ago announced that the RTM (release-to-manufacturing) version of the next version of Microsoft Office has been released.

On April 27th Volume Licensing customers will be able to start downloading Office 2010, and on May 12th 2010 will be the official release. I hope that those of us with MSDN/TechNet subscriptions will be able to get it on April 27th, but this has not been confirmed.

Why is this important?

Ok, in reality this is not that important, but personally I have been looking very much forward to this release. I have been running the Beta version since November and I have generally been very happy. My only complaints have really been that I have not been able to get Danish Dictionary and Synchronization to my mobile phone didn’t work. That the Danish Dictionary wasn’t released is ok, annoying, but ok. It was only a beta so I could live with that and I’m not really writing that much in Danish. That the synchronization didn’t work was a bit worse. This was due to the fact that I had installed the 64-bit version, and according to Microsoft then the problem was because they didn’t recompile all the components to 64-bit versions. So it has been 6 months without being able to update the mobile phone!

What’s new?

I already mentioned that Office 2010 also have a 64-bit version. More and more people are running the 64-bit version of Windows 7, including me, and I think it is important that the applications are also 64-bit. I don’t really know if it matters much or not. Some of the reports I have seen claims it doesn’t matter.

There are many changes to the new version and if you are going to do a quick search on Google then you’ll get a long list of reviews. So I’m not going to mention anything here.

But I am going to give Office 2010 my best recommendations. I think that they have done a great job upgrading and improving a product which as actually pretty good in its 2007 version.

Finally the name is not 2010, but twenty-ten!

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