Microsoft is killing Navision

If you like me thought that a career working with Navision, or Dynamics NAV as Microsoft likes to call our system, would be a career for life then I think you need to start and rethink that option. Microsoft is slowly but surely killing Navision without replacing it with Dynamics NAV!

Take a look at the below statistics taken from Google Trends shows it very clearly. The statistics from Google Trends are made based on how many times users are searching for a specific word or search terms. Microsoft made their name changes away from Navision, Axapta, Great Plains etc. into the more anonymous Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP.

If you look at the graph, then you can clearly see that the number of people searching for Navision is falling ever since Microsoft bought Navision A/S, not much but still. Since before the name change in 2006 you see a very clear trend. Less and less people are searching for Navision.

So maybe you think that people instead are searching for "Microsoft Dynamics" (using "" makes Google check for the entire search term - not the individual words). But the graph below shows that the number of people searching for "Microsoft Dynamics" have gone up good. But if the name change had been a success then you would have been able to see a change where just as many people would search for "Microsoft Dynamics" as for Navision, Axapta, Great Plains and the other Dynamics products before the name change. But now you can see that the only thing Microsoft has archived is that the number of people searching for "Microsoft Dynamics" is the same as the current number of people searching for both Navision and Great Plains.

The only place where the name change almost has been a success is for Axapta. Here the trend shows that today there are just as many people searching for Axapta as there are searching for "Dynamics AX". But I think that's really just because Axapta was not such a old brand like Navison and Great Plains.
Axapta had "only"  around since 1998. And then Axapta, as unique as it is, doesn't really catch that easy. For a very long time I didn't even know how to spell it, and many people was like me. Some of the different ways to spell Axapta I have seen are: Axepta, Axcapta and acxapta. If you don't believe me then try to search for it your self!

So I'm not in doubt anymore. If I where to make the decision, then I would change the names to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision
  • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics Solomon

And I would rather do it today than tomorrow.

Personally I have decided to make the change here on DynamicsUser.Net that I will go back to use Navision as the dominant name and leave Dynamics NAV as the secondary name.

I'm sorry Microsoft, but I have a business to run and the customers are king. And they surely prefer Navision to Dynamics NAV.

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  • I wrong a blog on Bing and searching for dynamics NAV

  • I dont think that a name is killing a product like NAV, especially not a product like NAV2009. But i have to be honnest, i still have to use the name Navision to explain my customers what NAV is. So, a bigger campain regarding to what NAV is and the history of it would be nice

  • @Rashed: If I read your blog, then you've basically come to the same conclusion right?

  • @Erwin: No it's not the name that is killing Navision, it's Microsoft. In a much smaller scale then what they are trying to do is the same as if Coca-Cola wanted to change the name of Coke to Yamko (or something completely different). Sure it can be done, but if you have a brand name that is already used in 1000000's of links on the internet and by 100000's of users, then you have a very very big job. And job they have not been taking seriously enough.

    The stats are clear. You can just see the total searches in the stats up there. Less and less people are searching for Navision, while the number of people searching for "Dynamics NAV" is only going up very very little.

  • Well IMHO naming was changed when MS had plans to make ONE system joining all 4...

    So, "MS Dynamics ???" names were intended to be first step in moving from Navision  (Axapta etc etc), and when all four are consolidated in one & only product, then it should be called simply "MS Dynamics". As we know now, such consolidation is no more a MS further strategy, but naming remains.

    BTW, people still call the products as they are used to - and Navision is easier to pronounce and less clumsy, than "Dynamics en-ay-vee"

  • @Modris: Yes I know that it was the intention. And I think it still is. And the idea as such isn't bad.

    Where "Microsoft Dynamics Navision" is a long name, then it is still ok. But now take a look at "Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains", that really looks long. So I know this is why they changed it to NAV, GP, AX etc. and so that the names looked more uniform. So the strategy I do understand, but not why they didn't use the required marketing effort to follow it through.

    Btw. you're right NOBODY except Microsoft calls it "en-ay-vee" - everybody else still calls it Navision or for a short "nav".

  • It's as though they are trying to tell us something isn't it. Maybe they are planing to add some new products like

    Dynamics SAP or Dynamics ORA

    and they want us to be ready ;)

    @modris and @ erwin, I think you completely missed the point of Erik's blog. The issue here is that customer are not being given a new option. They are searching for "Dynamics" without really knowing what they are after. Navision was a very unique word, and thus works very well in search engines. Dynamics NAV is very generic, so even IF MS did the marketing that they should be doing, the hits will still be spurious.

    Microsoft for some reason do not see the long term damage they are doing. Axapta will not replace Navision but still we are being pushed in that direction.

    Customers want to know what they are buying, they are not as dumb as some marketing people assume them to be.

  • @David, I couldn't be saying that better myself, except I don't think that we're going to see any Dynamics SAP or Dynamics ORA any day soon!

    When people wants to buy Navision, but cannot find anything from Microsoft about Navision, well if it was me and I didn't know about the Dynamics NAV renaming, yes then I would start looking for a different product.

  • This is interesting, the small company I work for was bought be a very large company recently. And I was just sitting in on a web demo of the future of Dynamics and when I started talking about my experiences with Navision, Microsoft knew what I was talking about, but the other listeners from the sister companies participating on the call.  didn't have a clue what it was.  They started asking what about this other program Navision, where does it fit in, Microsoft promptly told them I was using an old name, and they should just think of Dynamics. and when they worked with a solution center, they would help determine the product to use. so, microsoft was saying don't even think of individual programs just worry about dynamics from Microsoft, it will take care of your needs.

  • For those of you that do have access to partnersource should read this:

    NAV has a roadmap outlined to 2017...that is far longer that most of the competitors.

    So it must be a very slow and painful death MS is planned for  :-)

  • For those of you that do have access to partnersource should read this:

    NAV has a roadmap outlined to 2017...that is far longer that most of the competitors.

    So it must be a very slow and painful death MS is planning for :-)

  • @themave: You'll meet this attitude from many Microsoft employees, especially from the "classic" ones. The sad thing is that they actually beleives it themselves.

    @iceborg: It's not that I think Microsoft is actually aware of what they are doing. They are very good at making plans. The statement of directions is nothing but a plan. The plan to change the names to Dynamics XX was also a plan.

  • A right name is very important, must be "easy to use" especially in "not english" countries.  I hope Microsoft is considering very well all the options. We had examples of cars not sold in Italy due to a wrong name (bad meaning).