Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 : What’s new?

Today at Directions EMEA in Mannheim (Germany) the release of Dynamics NAV 2016 was announced.

I had expected that the Navision release of 2015 would have been called NAV 2015 R2, like with NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2. But I think that with the many new features, then this version really deserves it’s own version – even internally, where it’s now version 9.0.

End User Improvements

I am super excited about this new version. There are 60 improvements to this release. So I’m only going to share a few of them. And when I have the link to the full announcement and improvements list, then I’ll post it in the comments below.

A lot of great improvements for the users, like:

- ability to import purchase invoices directly into NAV (with OCR scanning)

- improved workflow functionality to automate parts of billing, HR and Payroll, financials and other critical functions.

Before you post your invoice, then you can get a full preview of how this invoice would be posted, incl. g/l accounts, dimensions etc.

The Phone Client is a new way to run Dynamics NAV on your smartphone (Windows Phone, Android and iPhone). Use it to upload pictures of receipts into NAV.

Technical Improvements

And then there is all the real technical stuff. The changes which most users really don’t care much about. The changes that will allow us (Microsoft, ISV’s, partners and the developers) to create even better solutions in the future. “Stuff” that will allow for partners and ISV’s to create add-ons (special NAV apps), which can be installed without changing a line of code in the users database. And therefore they are also not changed, whenever Microsoft releases new versions. This is now possible via the functionality called Eventing.

I have personally been working with this release for many months now and it may not look that much different (except having new Tiles/Icons), it’s what’s inside that matters.

I’m not at Directions EMEA today, but I’ll suggest that you read follow MVP Mark Brummels updates from Directions EMEA or Waldo’s Blog. They are onsite and reporting from it on their blog.

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