Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – With my own first words

It’s now over a month ago since the beta version of NAV 2013 was released. In the mean time I have been very busy, so the amount of time I have been able to spend on testing it is very little. In general I like the new version very much. Especially the action bar over the lines (e.g. sales lines). They have been doing a great job for the end-users, and that’s really what’s the most important thing.

The fact that the classic client is no longer available in NAV 2013, is no news anymore. So there are no forms and no classic reports. And no dataports. Only tables, pages, xmlports, reports, menusuites and codeunits. Plus the new Query.

New Report Designer

The report designer in NAV 2009 with its required Classic and RTC report in one was really a pain. So I had really been looking forward to the new version for 2013. Here I can only say: I’M DISAPOINTED! It might have become easier compared to NAV 2009, but this is really not logical nor user-friendly. In reality it’s not much different from NAV 2009. You must still “design” the data-content of your report in NAV 2013’s report designer, before you can place the fields in the right spots in the report designer.

I have to say that this is simply not good enough Microsoft, unless the whole idea is to prevent end-users from modifying reports.

Table Designer

The table designer is not changed as such. But there is no longer the option of using “Run” on the object. I have always used this option whenever I just needed to check anything quickly as part of the development. PLEASE PLEASE re-enable the ability to run a table. Even if you don’t have the options of lookup and special field validation. Eventually just have it open the windows client and running the default form, even that would be better.

Well this was all for now. Still a lot of things I’m going to test and evaluate. The next I’m going to write a little about is the new “Time Sheet” functionality.

Comment List
  • Agree about the report writing, currently working on a couple of Beta implementations of NAV 2013, and finding the report designer in Studio 2010 not much of a step forward.  The preview facility is just going to send clients mad as the reports can appear to be a complete mess, and not representative of the final report layout once put into page layout.

    I have also found when using graphic elements on reports these can be moved around the report when rendering with no control what so ever.  The need also to always having to preview the report even to see the report as there is no multi Lingual functionality in the designer is annoying to say the least.

    Having come from a C# and VB background I was hoping the report designer would use some of the functionality already within VS2010, as well as some of the debugging functionality for debugging code, it seems I have been disappointed.  Even down to the fact that its a hassle to add watches in the debugger, and there does not seem to be a find functionality within the debugger screen to find bits of code.

  • Eric, are you sure you've tested the right version? The reports are designed in VS2010. You don't have to make classic sections anymore. The only thing you do in NAV is make the dataset. This makes sense to me.

    As for tables, you can run those. NAV will search for the correct service tier and display a runtime built page just like the runtime built form in the "past".