Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Programming Cookbook

It has actually been quite a while since this book was released (it says October 2010 in the book), but somehow I had missed it in the stack of books on my desk always waiting for me. And reading has not been what I have done most the last year.

Matt Traxinger is known in the NAV community as MattTrax, where he has been spending a lot of time on Mibuso and of course on my own home-base the Dynamics User Group.

The book is a real "cookbook" - not a lot of text - but a lot easy to use "recipes" on how to tweak Navision. There are over 110 such recipes and they span over a wide area within both "traditional" C/AL programming and C/SIDE juggling, integration to Excel and how to access and update NAV from outside of NAV using both Web Services. And there are good recipes both for real new beginners and those who have "been around" for years, like my self. There was many great recipies from which I learned a lot.

If I have to say anything bad about the book, then it must be that the code examples are not using the same standard for indention as Microsoft uses, and to me that actually makes it slower to read the examples. But it doesn't matter, the book and the examples are so good that I really shouldn't say that. MattTrax has really done a great book.

I really can give this book my warmest recommendations. I think it should be standard in all NAV developers book collection.

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