Microsoft buys LinkedIn. What does it mean to Dynamics?

 I know I have already been blogging twice this week. And for someone who the last couple of years typically only have blogged once every month or two, then that’s a lot. But my vacation actually started Friday, and it’s raining most of the time. The kids are watching TV and YouTube, so nobody notice that I’m blogging. Doesn’t really look like working. Smile

And there is just so much to be exited about in the Microsoft Dynamics world these days. Ever since Microsoft announced Project “Madeira” in April, so many other news have been announced by Microsoft.

Last was the $26.2B deal last month, where Microsoft buys LinkedIn.

Dynamics and LinkedIn more important to Microsoft than Windows?

I was just watching this interview with Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner on CNBC.