Let’s Clean-Up NAV: Department MenuSuite–CaptionML

In his blog, Mark Brummel started a clean-up project, with suggestions to smaller fixes to Dynamics NAV that makes a big difference.

And I also have one, which have annoyed me for years.

Developers only using the default (ENU) language might never have thought about this as a problem, and that’s maybe why Microsoft have never fixed it. But I’m sure that most developers using other languages together with the default ENU have experienced the same issue.

And this problem has existed ever since the menusuites were introduced.


When you create a new menu item, then the caption of the report/page is copied into the CaptionML, but only the caption of the language you have selected in the Development Environment (DE). The result is that you have to manually type in the ENU caption. If you don’t then this menuitem will not show anything when the ENU language has been selected.


To me it sounds like a small change, to have the DE insert all the captions of the object!


PS: The above screen cut from the DE running with Danish language, actually show a different problem. If you understand Danish, then maybe you can you also see it?

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