Just got my 11th MVP Award for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

October 1st has almost become a tradition. You see I got my first MVP Award for Navision (before the name change) in 2004. And I've got it every year since then. But since Microsoft reevaluates each award every year, based upon our Microsoft "community activities" the previous year, then I really don't know that I've been "renewed" until I get that email on October 1st.

There's no monetary values included in the award. But it is opening up access to resources like participation in web-meetings (and sometimes in the Development Center in Copenhagen) with the NAV product team, access to beta-versions etc. - must under the NDA (non-disclose-agreement) under which we can learn and be prepared for the upcoming versions, but certainly also give feedback to the development team about new functionality. Most of all it's really just an honor.

Another reason I'm always looking forward to see if I'm still in the MVP Team, if other community members have made it into the list. When I first got it in 2004, Luc van Dyck (Mibuso) and I where the only two who received it. Last year there was 29 plus a few who doesn't want to be listed (as far as I remember). And most of them doing a fantastic job with their blogs and forum posts etc. But also with their Youtube videos and books and what do I know. By the way, now that we talk about books, then I'm going to come with a review of Mark Brummels new book "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design". Mark is also an MVP and I loved his last book, so I'm sure I will love this as well.

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