It is time to put the Dynamics freelancer in focus

It’s over 8 months since I wrote about that Dynamics recruiters were wasting our time and I asked the question if we can live without the Dynamics freelance recruiter. That set a lot of things in motion. Seldom have I written something in my blog which gave more feedback. Both directly on the blog, but especially behind the scene, from freelancers and lots of people who wanted to partner with me on this. Also some who just think that I was plain stupid!

But it has been some very interesting months. I have learned a lot about the recruiting industry, and I must also say that I have come to the conclusion to my question: We cannot live without the Dynamics freelance recruiter! As website is simply not the answer to everything. We need that human touch in between. But the website can make things more practical and when done the right way, then the website can make sure that we are not wasting anybody’s time. Neither the freelancers, nor the recruiters. All it takes is an online registration if the freelancer is available or not and for how long.

What I also heard a lot when I was talking to the freelancers was that they basically doesn’t trust most of the Dynamics recruiters in the market today. I heard many grim stories about everything from recruiters claiming the reason why they didn’t pay the freelancer was because the customer had disputed the project, when they really didn’t do that, or freelance recruiters who is charging a “fixed percentage” of the sales price as their fee, simply telling the freelancer that they were reselling their time for much less. And then of course there were all the stories about non existing jobs etc.

All in all this convinced me that it must be possible to do in a much nicer way. In a way where we are putting the Dynamics freelancer in the focus. Where we are going to use the politic of the open book, in regards to invoicing and contracts. Where you as the freelancer feel that the recruiter is really working for you, and not vice versa. That they are doing something to earn that part of your rate. And that we can do it in a way where everybody is still happy.

Therefore I’m very happy to announce to you, the new Dynamics Experts:

We are not entirely ready with the website, that’s why it’s marked as being in beta. The area regarding member (we call the members for Professionals) registrations still needs some work done, but it works! Or so we think. We would love if you would help us test the new website for us. So please go to our site, register a new profile, and let us hear what you think.

We already have quite a few contracts available, but more are coming every week. So signing up now will also mean that you are one of the first we will look at when finding people for these contracts. Not all contracts/jobs are going to be posted to the new website. If we have candidates who are registered in our database and who are a perfect match, then we do not post the job.

Dynamics Experts are going to make a mark in the Dynamics recruiting industry, and not just because we are trying to dump the prices down or anything like that. The contracts/invoices we charge the clients are going to be open to the freelancer/contractor, allowing them to see exactly what we are making on each contract. If we are reselling your services for ex. 1000 euro for a day, then we will only hold back 20% of this amount as our fee. This is a much smaller fee than what the average Dynamics recruiter are charging today.

Associated Experts

We are also going to offer Dynamics freelancers the opportunity to become fully associated with the Dynamics Experts. This setup will only be open to selected Dynamics freelancers, who are among the experts in the Dynamics industry with a minimum of 5 years experience with their products. The associated experts will get access to our infrastructure (which is still being build), as well as many other “features” that you would normally need to be employed by a partner to get access to. The associated experts are still working for their own company, but they will be doing business as a “Dynamics Experts Associate”.

Permanent Dynamics Jobs

The Dynamics Experts are also going to offer Dynamics professionals permanent jobs with our clients. The reason for doing this is primarily because clients are often the same as those hiring freelancers/contractors, but also because offering permanent positions is something which will allow us to finance a lot of the more fun things we want to do with the freelancers. Taking good care of the freelancers will still be our primary focus.

Decentralized Structure

The structure of Dynamics Experts is decentralized so that all contracts and professionals are handled by their local office. And in each local office they have their own account managers. So what happens when you sign up on the website is that your new account manager will contact you. To start with we have only two offices Denmark and Netherlands, but this will grow over time.

Dynamics Experts Denmark (DxDK) is headed by Christian Payne (a former Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen internal recruiter and a very experienced Dynamics recruiter). DxDK is handling clients and professionals (freelancers and other candidates) from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Dynamics Experts BENELUX is run by a longtime NAV and AX consultant Jeroen de Vries. He will also be handling France.

If you are from a country not mentioned above then you will be managed directly from Dynamics Experts International. Christian Payne will also handle this part and will be the central point of contact. Later we are going to open up for more countries to establish their own Dynamics Experts office, but we want to make sure first that the business is going to be in a win-win situation for both the clients and the Dynamics professionals.

Dynamics Experts and the Dynamics User Group

Although the Dynamics Experts and the Dynamics User Group are legally “sister-companies”, and are using a similar logo and you are going to see the Dynamics Experts job ads on the homepage, then they are not more direct related to DUG than other recruiting companies. Dynamics Experts are paying for their sponsorship and advertising just the same as any other company is required to do. So there’s no conflict in having other recruiting companies as sponsors at the same time.


Now you have the answer to what I’ve been up to the last 5-6 months, and especially the last 3 months, where I’ve been working 80-100 hours per week preparing this setup. So I hope that you like this new setup and that you will support it.

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  • Hi Greg,

    I'm sorry to disappoint you. But we are not going to focus on the US the next many months. Not until we get an office in the US also. But I'm sure this will happen later.


  • I am an AX developer based in the western US and I am having a terrible time finding any work. I get a lot of recruiters looking for people for permanent positions on the east coast or midwest. This doesn't work for me since I am unwilling to relocate permanently. Maybe this website will help me find a contract job. The few jobs that come along here have way too many applicants.

  • Yes the name was an unexpected problem immediately when Erik registered the domain :)

    but it's not the first case, remember  ExpertsExchange - or better ExpertSexChange? They put a dash in the middle, too...

  • Hi Colins,

    Yes some people did notice it. Also some spam filters! That's why we changed the email domain to instead of

    But thank you...

  • I had to laugh when I saw the webpage name, I thought for a moment it was April 1st.

    Dynamic Sexperts indeed!

    How did you know?

    Good luck with the project, perhaps the double meaning will not be lost on a lot of clients who will also see the funny side.

    Anyone who objects is a sourpuss.