It is no longer possible to get new Dynamics NAV 2013 licenses

Last week was getting a new license for a customer I had been working on for the last 5-6 months. There we were ready to install on the customers servers and start the training. But when I received it I could see that it was not for NAV 2013, but for NAV 2013 R2. A license for NAV 2013 “R1” could no longer be issued.

Diving into this issue I also found out that this was changed as of October 6th. 2013. As of this date running NAV 2013 with a NAV 2013 R2 license is considered “downgrading” and no longer legal according to the licensing terms. I was told by Microsoft that I would just have to upgrade to NAV 2013 R2, before going live with the customer, then there would not be any problems and everything would be legal!

As it is not an option for my customer to go for NAV 2013 R2 at this point in their project, this of course got me very worried. Potentially this could be a big problem, not only for me, but also for other projects already working on a NAV 2013 where they have not purchased the license, but also companies who do multi-site rollouts based on a NAV 2013 template. They would no longer be able to get new NAV 2013 licenses and would be forced to upgrade their template.

There are no technical issues in using a NAV 2013 R2 license for NAV 2013. Only legal!

The problem isn’t so much that they have changed this. But I does think that it’s a big problem that they haven’t announced this change in the licensing conditions. When they released NAV 2013 last year, we were given a notice that we can still get NAV 2009 licenses until the end of 2013. That gave customers and partners a good time-frame to plan their implementations and eventually buy the needed NAV 2009 licenses, before this date.

This was yesterday. And I’m very thankful for being at Convergence in Barcelona, as a lot of the Microsoft executives are also here. Luckily everyone I talked to about this could see this potential big issue. And after talking to a few of the people at Microsoft I found the right person to talk to.

He explained to me why it had been changed and what their intension for doing were. As I understood it, then it was both because he was told that upgrading from NAV 2013 to NAV 2013 R2 was just a minor task, but also because NAV 2013 does not enforce the 3-table rule in regards to the limited user license, as R2 does. He told me that he was already working on an addendum to the licensing terms, which would “allow” customers to run NAV 2013 with a NAV 2013 R2 license. He was “just” had to get it translated into all the different languages and had really not planned on sending it out until January. But he agreed on uploading the English version new terms to PartnerSource within the next couple of weeks.

So I’m almost happy again. Happy that I have been here in Barcelona so I were able to meet the right person and get an answer right away. But only almost happy, because he also told me that it only would be allowed to run NAV 2013 with a NAV 2013 R2 license, if you have a “technical” reason why you cannot use NAV 2013 R2 and that it would only be until the end of March 2014.

I’m looking forward to see the addendum and the actual terms of using a NAV 2013 R2 license with NAV 2013 when it get released.

I will keep you updated.

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  • Hi Erik,

    We are currently using NAV2013 for our client deployment and have recently redownloaded our customer's license. But upon uploading the flf and logging in to our customer's db, it says that we do not have permissions to run Codeunits above 50000 object ID (not sure if the same goes to the other object types) although it was included in their purchase and we have no kind of error with the previous license. Does having a NAV 2013 R2 license running on NAV 2013 have something to do with this?

  • Thanks Erik and please do keep us posted if you here anything.

    It makes sense now you mention NAV 2013 being unable to enforce the 3-table rule like R2 does - hadn't thought about that really.

  • Hi Erik,

    thank you very much for your blog post and your answer...this would have been a _very_ bad surprise next year.



  • No problem Jan, just giving you the answer here too.

    That is correct. After December 31st, you can no longer buy 2009 licenses. And you cannot even run a NAV 2009 with a NAV 2013 R2 license, and even if you could, then you may only run the version for which it has been purchased - see the blog post I made today. The source is the licensing terms from Microsoft. Even running a NAV 2013 with a NAV 2013 R2 license is illegal (unless you have a technical reason for not being able to do it).

  • Hi Erik,

    I read your post as from end of 2013 on we won't be able to buy NAV 2009 licenses anymore, correct? And if I buy a NAV 2013 R2 license and run it with a NAV 2009 DB that would be illegal? Can you elaborate on that? Maybe give me a source?

    Thanks in advance,


    Sorry for Crossposting, wrote this under the wrong blog entry first...