Is NAV 2009 really ready?

I know it's a little late to write my last post from Convergence 2008 EMEA in Copenhagen, but I have been thinking a lot about what I should write. So this post is not really about Convergence, just inspired by the last day. Of cause with the announcement of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 most of the sessions on Convergence was just about NAV 2009. As a MVP I have seen NAV 2009 many times before the release, so I wasn't really that much interested in most of those sessions. But I still decided to sit in on two NAV 2009 sessions on the last day. First a interactive session about upgrading to NAV 2009. This was actually a very good session. Microsoft had "collected" a whole team of people who already had experience with upgrading to NAV 2009. One of them was my fellow MVP Mark Brummel, others primary came from ISV's and upgrade centers, as well as Olga Mulvad from Microsoft. The session was based upon the audience asking questions to the experts. And many great questions was asked from both partners and end-users.

The question I tried to get answered many times was: Is NAV 2009 really ready? Everyone of the experts answered yes to this. Or at least nobody said no.

With our knowledge about how the qualitity of new product releases from both Microsoft and Navision have been in the past, then I think this is a very important question. And for me, who is the solution manager in a large organization using Dynamics NAV, the question is if it is really stable enough to upgrade to right now.

We are currently putting the last efforts into our NAV 5.0 SP1 upgrade and expect to be able to start our new implementations in the end of Q1 2009. So this post is really a question to all you people out in the NAV community, all the experts, all the NAV MVP's. Is NAV 2009 really ready? So ready that you would delay your project with one month to upgrade the pages and reports, rewrite the user documentation and training materials? So ready that you would not fear for your head rolling if it turns out that it wasn't ready? 

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