I am still here!

Well I'm back now! In the end of June I started my vacation and didn't come back to work until July 31st. (If you want to read about my vacation then you can read my personal blog). And July 31st. was my last day at GN Store Nord. After 3 years and 4 months I was saying goodbye. It was a great time, many fun and challanging project and good co-workers.

But lot's of things I didn't like had also happend, so early in 2006 I changed my status on LinkedIn to say that I was interested in a new job offer, and I also let the rumour spread among other people in my network. Soon I had several offeres, but none of them really was what I was looking for (or they didn't wanna pay the salary I demanded!). So it wasn't until April, when I was contacted by the IT Director from ISS, who had found me on LinkedIn.

After a few conversations we knew that we were a good match. They had a very exiting project coming up, and they needed someone who had tried such an international roll-out based on Dynamics before.

So August 1st. I started my new job here. I will be the technical head of rolling out and developing a global core to all our minor subsidiaries. The core will consist of Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Reporting Services. Internally we do not have any other technical resources than me and our infrastructure architect. And then it's also a huge challange just to learn the business and everyone in the new company.

The biggest challange in the project is really that it's a policy of ISS to outsource everything which is not our main business. You can say that we take our own medicine, as our main business is facility services (cleaning, security, property services, office services etc). So my project has also been outsourced. Everything from development, implementation and project management is outsourced to our partner. At GN we only outsourced the development, but had everything else "in-house". I will write much more about these challanges if anyone are interested.

So currently I'm working an avarrage of 10-11 hours a day. Top that with all the travel I'm going to have. Our pilot will be our subsidiaries in Thailand, and in September I'm going there, topped with a short trip to Sydney, where our company is looking into if the Dynamics NAV/CRM core will match their business. It's a very big business, so they might end up selecting our other ERP package SAP.

Well Thailand is a great place to have our pilot, not only because it has a perfect size and complexity for our core (about 20 users). But also because my girl friend lives there! :) So I'm happy!

But new job properly also means that I will not be able to put quite as much time into the user group as I've done the previous 6 months. But I will still be here and still check that everything is going like planned.

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