Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is the time of year when most American sits down with their family to enjoy a great meal with Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and much more. The day when their tradition say that they are supposed to say “thank you”. Originally it’s told that they said thank you to the Indians who helped them through the first hard winter in America.

And since our visitors from the US are making up for over 25% of the total visitors, then I think it’s in the place to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

But is there actually to say thank you for in the year 2009?

On the surface not so much. We currently have one of the worst global financial crisis’s in the last 50 (if not more) years. Yes, many people are reporting that they are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s still going to take between 3-6 months before even the optimistic people say that the crisis will be over.

And then we should not forget that we are still in war. All too many of our brave soldiers have been killed the last year. Not only American, but it has also been the war that have caused most life of Danish soldiers since World War II. 

So what is it that you should say thank you for this year?

Personally I so thankful just for being able to live the life I am. Thankful for having a fantastic and wonderful wife who makes me happy every day, thankful for having beautiful and healthy children, for the best family you could think about. But also so thankful for all the opportunities I have in my life.

Even if I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, then it’s been a little journey to write this blog. Just spending 5-10 minutes on thinking about something else than Microsoft Dynamics and instead stopping up and thinking about your life. That’s actually very rewarding and I will recommend that you all do the same. Try to answer the same question: What would you say thank you for in the year of 2009?

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