Happy New Year and a new laptop

I hope that you all had a nice Christmas, in case you celebrate this holiday. Otherwise then I hope that you’ll be celebrating the new years evening with good friends or family. Personally I’ll be home this year with my wife and all our 6 children for a traditional Danish New Years meal consisting of smoked saddle of pork (hamburgeryg), with curly kale cooked with milk and white and sugar glazed potatoes.

I know I really haven’t been too active on the website the last month or more, and it’s the same old. Work, work and more work. I’m really fully booked until at last the middle of February. Which is wonderful, especially in a year like this. Just 2-3 months ago I wasn’t optimistic at all, in fact I was almost giving up being a freelancer, when the bank account was almost empty. I know several of my friends have given up in 2009 and have been going back to the safer world of having a permanent position.

The only bad thing about having so much work right now, is that I’m not able to get the final work done on my two other projects. Which is not good, as these projects were supposed to have been launched doing the first months of 2010. So I really hope that I’ll soon get at least a few days to work on at least one of the projects.

As everybody who knows Murphy’s Law also know, then bad things usually happens in when it hurts the most. Two days before Christmas it happened to me. Additionally two keys on the keyboard on my laptop stopped working. Previously the left “mouse” button fell of (but I was able to reattach it – many times per day). But with the A and S keys not working more than 1 out of 10 times, then I knew it was time for a replacement to my only 8 month old HP laptop. I know I still have a guarantee on it, but just the thought that I had to give it in for service, which might take 2-3 or more weeks. Well I had actually been considering getting a replacement for a few weeks already, as I had to get it to service anyway (the mouse-button and the battery which stopped working after only 3 months – but they still needed me to hand in the full laptop to repair it). When fixed, then I’m sure that my children will be very happy with this otherwise great equipped laptop.

And I was sure about one thing. I was not going to buy an HP laptop again. Instead I was almost sure that I wanted a Thinkpad. I got my first IBM Thinkpad back in 1992, and although I also had issues with them, then in general I’ve mostly been very happy with them. Even after they are no longer called IBM Thinkpad, but Lenovo Thinkpad, then I haven’t seen any makeable decline in the quality (at least not bigger than what you see in other brands). And then again it was already Lenovo who was producing them for IBM.

So I got me a nice Lenovo Thinkpad W500. Processor and speed wise it’s not much better than my other laptop, but that wasn’t really the problem. It’s Intel Core 2 Duo (T9600 @ 2.80GHz) processor serves me quite well with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 7. And compared to the “old” laptop then this processor actually supports Hardware Virtualization! This means that I can now use the XP mode to run the older versions of Navision (pre 4.00 SP3) – see my old post “No old versions of Navision on Windows 7 for me”. And that’s actually really great, especially when one of the customer projects I’m working on right only runs on a Navision 3.70.

Additionally I’ve been installing the Microsoft Office 2010 beta. The last 2 years I’ve been running Office 2007, but it never really got me “high”. The changes basically took too long to get used to compared to Office 2003. And except for Outlook, then I didn’t really think that the changes were worth the trouble. I haven’t been running 2010 more than 4-5 days so far, but I already love it. Again I think that especially Outlook deserves to be mentioned. And it doesn’t hurt that they now have a real 64-bit version! I know that this blog is primary about Navision and the Dynamics community, but I’m surely going to write more about it here in my blog next year.

While I, as the nerd I really am, is trilled about getting a new laptop, then it was as I said before not the best timing. Not only was I already behind on my customer project (and other projects), but it was also Christmas. I took me 2-3 days before I felt that I was functional again.

And before anyone asks. Yes I did have a backup. I always have both an online backup and a weekly offline backup.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that you’ll all get a wonderful and successful 2010!

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