Groove and OneNote - Convergence 2008 day 2 (post 3)

Today my first session was about "Extending Collaboration with the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Office Groove 2007 and Office OneNote 2007". I selected this session because I have previously been using both Groove and OneNote and I really see some potential in both applications. But I would also like to hear about it in situations outside my little IT world.

Where Sharepoint is Microsoft's offering to primary internal enterprise and departmental collaboration, then Groove is their offer in the area of teams and projects which are often more combined of people accross organizations and in more ad-hoc fashion. No interaction from your IT department is required to create a new Groove site (called work space). Everyone in the company who have been trusted to use Groove can themselves create a new work space and invite the team members. And they can do this without putting any finger on security, as the work space is protected with both public and private keys. The customer references he told about who was using Groove was amoung police, hospitals and government organizations.

Personally I have primary been using Groove in connection with my NAV MVP award, where we have a Groove work space where all the NAV MVP's can share information and files between eachother. I like it very much but it's also very easy to see that this application was something Microsoft bought from another company not so many years ago. So it doesn't really look the other Office applications, neither in design/layout, nor in the way it can be integrated easily to other Office applications. But I think once they get his solved, then it's a really strong application, which most organizations can make very good use of.

Speaker Mark Ryan of Microsoft made a very good presentation of the subject, and showed a few very good examples of where it is used in organizations today.

OneNote was the other subject of the session. OneNote is also part of Microsoft Office (Enterprise version). I really like this application, as a replacement for my normal paper notepad. You can create both structured documents and add really unstructured comments, as well as you can add pictures, sounds and videos into your OneNote documents.

The customer reference for OneNote was the City of Bergen in Norway. They have replaced all printed meeting documents and minutes with OneNote documents, which all employees can access from their pc. Their primary reason for doing this was to save the environment, and expect to save 3 million A4 papers each year. That the same as 400 threes and 210 ton of CO2. On top of that they save an estimated 340000 NKR each year.

If you haven't tried OneNote already, then I can really recommend it myself. I love it.

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  • Yes that's how I use it also. And I found it especially good for supporting the development documentation, as you can actually start quite unstructured with just your thougths and ideas and the work this into a more and more structured matter, finally ending up with something you can just put into NAV and code. And later it's easy to convert the notes into user documentation.

  • Thanks for sharing Erik . I havent tried Groove ..(sounds like what sthg i could use ) but use One Note religiously for my code snippets drafts , screen captures and so on..