Going Down New Roads

Last week was my last day working for ISS. That was the first time in my life that I have been fired. Well except for one time in 1988, when I had a job as a exhibition booth builder before I started college to become a programmer.

So at first it really a big chock. Somehow I not seen it coming. And that despite many signs that I can see now after it happend.

But now after a week I'm almost thankful. My last 6 month, yes actually the last year at ISS have not been fun at all. So now I can look forward. I can find new roads to walk.

That's also why you have not seen me so active here on DUG the last week. For the first time in 4 months I'm not number one on the list of top posters on the site.

Instead I'm now actually working on how to bring DUG to the next step. Now I actually have the time to do so for a while. I also have some vacation in Thailand coming up here in April.

Next I need to figure out what to do going forward. Should I take a job? At an end-user or at a partner? Or should I go back to be a freelancer? Or start a "real" company?

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