Free Microsoft Dynamics Job Advertising

Almost since our first website started in 1995 online advertisements for job offerings has been a part of it. It used to be known as the place to find job advertisements for Navision. At one point it was almost taking away the attention from the normal posts on the website and I raised the fees to get more serious job ads, as we heard many reports of “non-existing” jobs, just made to draw attention to the specific recruiters. These changes more or less stopped job postings, which was fine as other sponsors came along so it wasn’t that important anymore.

Right now the results of the ongoing Dynamics Users Community Survey 2012 already shows me that one thing that many new members would love to see are more job posts. And it have always been going good together with the users of the website, who often are looking for new exiting jobs in the Dynamics community.

Therefor I would like to invite all recruiters and partners of Microsoft Dynamics professionals (developers, consultants, technicians, project managers, sales people etc.) to post their job offerings for free (until further notice). All they have to do is to sign up as “Recruiter” or “Partner”. All job posters have to follow and apply to the guide lines. If you also want to have your company logo showed in the sponsor loops on the job pages, then you need to sign up as a sponsor. Otherwise not.

Please contact me with your username to be allowed permission to post.

Also please let me know if you as a user of the website have any thoughts about having more job offerings displayed on the website? Is it something you would like to see, or is it something which you are happy to to see?

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