Finding the Right Model

Deciding on which model you should choose is not easy. With some of them you can combine them with other models, but other models cannot be combined.

As you know I started my new job August 1st. And we are now working on creating a global core. And if our pilot is successful and Microsoft will come with some prices for their licenses which makes them competitive - also in low cost countries in the world.

It's not about finding a hot and beautiful female model! ;) But it's about finding the right model for putting together this global core solution. How should we host the solution, local, regional or global? And what licensing model should we choose? The traditional module/granule based? Or the new Business Ready Licensing? When what I'm really looking for is a real global license, that I can use on all our servers! Just like many other solutions are offered!

Well I don't have the answers yet. Because there are really so many factors to take into consideration. Kim Larsen from Ferring wrote in the forums, that they run 30 different companies in one global database. If I could do as him, then this would be the perfect solution. Because then you would only need one global license.

But until now it does not look so good. Our tests has so far shown that the performance, even using Citrix is not good enough between Europe and our pilot company in Thailand. So unless we find another way, then we might need to have one database for each country. At least in countries with an infrastructure like the one you find in Thailand. But in other contries I hope to be able to combine the models.

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