Dynamics NAV project “Madeira”–try it today

Today Microsoft announced the Project “Madeira”. This is a new way to become a Navision user. It is Dynamics NAV’s version of CRM Online, a NAV only available as a SaaS solution hosted and managed by Microsoft on Azure. Fully integrated with Office365 and sold “packaged” by Cloud Solution Providers – CSP’s.

No customizations

The big difference between the “normal” Dynamics NAV and project “Madeira” is you only get a part of the full Navision (they call it “modified functionality”. But more of the “standard” functionality will be added later. Neither the customer, nor the partner has direct access to the development environment. So customizations via changes directly in the code, is not allowed. It’s using NAV’s multi-tenant architecture on a NAV 2016 base.

And that’s where the “new” NAV Extensions comes in handy. Because using Extensions, then the customer can still get a “customized” system. In Extensions so far rather limited fashion. Which just underlines my assumption when NAV 2016 was released. Extensions was basically just a “beta” version of what we are going to see in the future.


And in a lot of way not one of the main reasons why Navision became so popular in the first place. It’s ability to give the customer exactly what the customer asked for, and therefor be optimized to each individual business. It’s ease of use has always come in second, in most customers eyes. It’s kind of like going back to the original Navision 1 and 2 for DOS.

Sign up for a free preview

Project “Madeira” is still months away from being released. The date is not yet announced, only that it’s going to the current year.

And when it’s being released this year, then it will only to the US-market. At least in it’s first version.

It’s also the US version you can sign-up to try for free today.

Go to http://aka.ms/MadeiraFAQ – for further questions.

Go to http://madeira.microsoft.com – for preview.

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