Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 – new functionality: Service items and more

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 includes a lot of new functionality. Most of it described in the NAV 2013 R2 What’s New white paper. But other functions are a bit more “hidden” and will not appear unless you open the new “Small Business Role Center”. This new role center is designed to be the center piece in the Dynamics C5 2014 sub product. And sadly to say many of the features build to support C5 2014 are not integrated and useable in the rest of the product. Sadly because some of the new features have been requested for years by regular NAV users.

Non-inventory service items

One of the things we have heard our members ask for years is a way to create Items which do not have inventory. This is functionality you find in many other ERP packages. In NAV a work around has been to the resource table for this. And that works fine, as long as we talk about services sold on orders/invoices. But since Resources cannot be purchased, then it hasn’t been a super work around.

In NAV 2013 R2 (in the “Small Business” role center) you can specify an item type to be either Inventory (default) or Service. If you select Service, then you can no longer specify the Inventory Posting Group, as no inventory costs are posted to G/L. Only the actual sales is posted.

You can use Item Type = Service on sales and purchase invoices in the Small Business role center. But you cannot use them on Production Orders or Warehouse Documents.

It would be nice to be able to use them on Production BOM’s and hereby on production orders. It’s not an uncommon request that companies want to include service costs, without having to specify it as work centers etc., and where no inventory is calculated. Otherwise this new Service Item Type is great and I hope that we are going to see it in the “standard” application in the post 2013 R2 releases.

The new “Mini Item Card”

NAV 2013 R2 - Mini Item Card

Besides the new item type functionality then there are more news related to the item card. As you see in the above image then it’s now possible to set weather a “Stockout Warning” should be given and if negative inventory is allowed (Prevent Negative Inventory) per item. Again this is something I have developed several times for my customers and I’m happy to see this as “standard” functionality.

You might also notice that the above item card is very simplified compared to the standard item card. The experienced NAV user would say “Where are all my fields? Where are the Invoicing, Replenishment, Planning, Foreign Trade, Item Tracking and Warehousing fast tabs?” In the above view you only see Item, Price and a “Sales Prices and Sales Line Discount” fast tabs. And only if you click on the “Setup” button, then you will also see then Cost and Financial Details fast tabs. Everything which is not included in the special “Small Business” Dynamics C5 2014 edition is removed. Only the absolute required fields are included.

According to the “NAV 2013 R2 What’s new document” then the “Mini Item Card” and the other “Mini Cards” are only intended for the Danish version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and requires a special small-business license. I think it’s a shame if Microsoft doesn’t open up for these features to customers with a “standard” NAV license.

Comment List
  • It does create Item Ledger Entries and also Value Entries. Otherwise it would not be able to use the standard Item Statistics reports. But it also means that the Service type items will show a negative inventory on the normal item card/list. In the small business app they handle this by hiding the field value with the HideValue property on the field control. But they only do this on the Mini Item List, not on the Mini Item Card. Here they just disable the field, which means that the value is displayed. I'm sure this is already on their "to-do list" - otherwise it should be.

  • You say it only creates G&L Entries, but doesn't it still create Item Ledger Entries?