Delayed Happy New Year

I know it's almost January 16th. But still HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! I haven't been so much online the last month. I have been very busy. Not only did I have all of my children from December 27th. until January 10th. All four girls, which means no time for anything but work and children! And I must admit that this "Facebook thing" has taken too much of my space time also. It's a whole new world, but it's fun and addictive!

And then on top of all that then we have started our NAV 5.0 upgrade project at my job! That's great to have the opportunity to redesign our solution. As you know, then I work for an end user, where I'm in charge of managing a global Dynamics NAV / Navision solution.

Currently it's based on version 4.0 and was designed by our partner together with different participants four our IT department. They did have a few work shops with the business while designing it, but the business part was never really involved in the process. Most people here can guess the result. A very nice looking solution, but it didn't really match what the business really needed!

So now we are doing it again! But this time with the business closely involved. As well as we now have a team who also understands the business and the processes.

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