Days of Knowledge – New BC Conference in Denmark

There was a time when most of the big international Dynamics NAV conferences were in Denmark. Especially before Microsoft. But for a good number of years all the Danish and Scandinavian NAV professionals had to go far away to get to their knowledge updated. We also believe that the community is strong enough in Denmark, that we now can make a two-day regional Dynamics 365 Business Central conference.

So next year, May 2019 will invite everybody who is interested in getting two days stuffed with Business Central knowledge to, the birth-city of Hans Christian Andersen, Odense. With our central location in Denmark, right at the highway, then we are not far away, no matter if you are in Denmark or arrives via air. The conference language will be English.

Four Tracks and Career

There will be 4 different tracks; One for developers, consultants, sales people, as well as infrastructure administrators. To catch the attention of the much-needed young generation of IT talents, a 5th track, Career, is also added for students and other people interested in getting an introduction to the industry and the various job opportunities it brings.

Who will be there?

We are still working on the actual session list. This and the list of speakers continues to be updated, but already counts the following household names from our community:

  • Vincent Nicolas, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Freddy Kristiansen, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Vjekoslav Babic (Vjeko), MVP (Croatia)
  • Tobias Fenster, MVP (Germany)
  • Mark Brummel, NAV Skills, former-MVP, (The Netherlands)
  • Luc van Vugt, MVP (The Netherlands)
  • Eric Wauters (Waldo), MVP (Belgium)
  • David Singleton, Freelance, former-MVP (United Arab Emirates)
  • Gunnar Gestsson, MVP (Iceland)
  • Kamil Sácek (Kine), MVP (Czech Republic)
  • Peik Bech-Andersen, freelance (Denmark)
  • Daniel Rimmelzwan, MVP (USA)
  • Dmitry Katson, MVP (Russia)

And I am pretty sure that I'm also going to have a session here too.

When is it?

Days of Knowledge 2019 will be held is at Odense Congress Center, in Odense, Denmark, on Friday May 24th and Saturday May 25th, 2019. Yes – not a typo it's a Saturday. We believe that many NAV professionals, will take this opportunity to get become better at their jobs, even if they must spend a Saturday on it. The biggest costs for partners sending their employees to a conference, is losing days of billable hours. Not actual the cost of the conference. So hopefully it's a way to get more knowledge we otherwise would not get.

Who is behind the conference?

Days of Knowledge is as such not a "DUG conference". We started this with single partner as the sponsor, but now we are a group of Danish partners (RelateIT, Netcompany, Norriq and C2IT) plus the Directions EMEA organization.


I really hope to see a lot of people in Odense next year. We have a lot of new knowledge to share.


Read more about Days of Knowledge and register.

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