Convergence 2008 - the keynote (post 2)

Kirill Tatarinov's keynote was the first session on Convergence 2008. As someone who have participated on many Microsoft and before that Navision conferences over years then this keynote as actually boring. Not that Kirill is a bad speaker, his little russian accent makes him sound a bit more entertaining. But except for his announcement of Dynamics NAV 2009, there was really nothing new here. Just a lot of sales talk, not giving anything new.

The most interesting part of his session was really the demonstration of the new surface platform. The demonstration used it in a warehouse mangement situation, where it was used to optimize inventory locations. I liked this graphical view of a warehouse a lot, but on the other hand then I think it will take at least 5 to 10 years before we really can start use something like this in normal companies. And even the examples they demonstrated, could easily and more ideal be automated. But it looked great.

After the session the exhibition hall was open, and here is the place where I usually get the most value from Convergence. The chance to meet not only old friends and co-workers (remember I have worked with NAV since 1990), but also meet new people and companies. I think that this year will not be an exception, I have already meet a lot of our members of Dynamics User Group and a lot of companies which add-on products looks really great.

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