Convergence 2007 EMEA - Day 1 - The Power Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0...

The second session I listened into today was (GEN004) The Power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Customer Choice. It was hosted by General Manager for CRM Brad Wilson.

Brad started his presentation talking about how CRM is located in the market compared to other CRM packages (Siebel, SAP, SalesForce and many other) based on a Forrester Analysis. He was very happy about the way they had put Dynamics CRM into this analysis, even due to the fact that Dynamics CRM is not quite as feature full as many of the other CRM packages (ex. Siebel).

But he also talked about some myths about CRM in terms about selecting them. All examples was really pointing to why you should NOT select the CRM packages from SAP, SalesForce and Sieble! Wink  Especially his points about SAP I can recognize, as these where the exact same reasons why my company in four countries have decided to leave SAP CRM and start use Dynamics CRM instead. The real import thing for the user is that it the user experience with Dynamics CRM almost makes the user forget that he/she is using CRM, as the system is completely integrated with Outlook and the look and feel is exactly the same.

Then Claire Powel was on the stage. She is the marketing manager of the company Come & Stay. She made a very good presentation about the facts about the implementation in her company. A good reference story, which opposed to the customer presentation in the General NAV session earlier today, really gave some good information and points.

The presentation ended with a demo of some of the other features in Dynamics CRM 4.0.  Personally I think CRM 4.0 will be a great release, especially for an organization like my own, with many small countries with only 5-15 CRM users in each. Today CRM is really requiring us to install a separate CRM server and database per country, whereas CRM 4.0 allows to to work almost as we know it from NAV today, where we can just create a new company within the existing database. In my eyes with Dynamics CRM 4.0 Microsoft finally have a real mature CRM program, which can scale from large enterprises to small home offices (hosted solutions).

All in all this was an ok presentation, but it didn't really give any new information I didn't have already and I almost fell to sleep twice! (Not during Claire's part, as she was also a pleasure for the eye!) Wink

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