Convergence 2007 EMEA - Day 1 - General Dynamics NAV session

Mogens Elsberg started the session with a funny and sweet little fairytale about three boys call Wind, Balser and Bang meeting the Big Bill G. before going into the real business. The three NAV winners of the Pinnacle Awards was presented.

The Jan Silleman was given the stage to talk about what Dynamics NAV 5.0 is all about. Jan announced that besides all the countries where NAV 5.0 is already available or have been announced for release in 2008, then all other countries who currently have an official NAV 4.0 version will also get NAV 5.0. I think that's great news, but only what was to be expected, based on the delay in version 5.1, which is now NAV "6.0" and later maybe NAV 2008 or NAV 2009??

After this Jesper Ræbild and Michael Rosenørn gave a full demostration of some the many great things in NAV 5.0: Office integration, Order Approvals, Item Tracing and MapPoint integration.

A German customer (Markent) also presented their solution, but this part was really boring and had way to much talk about their company, when people just wanted to hear about the product.

Finally Niels Nybo Jensen talked about why NAV customers should upgrade, and gave some advices on how to make ROI calculations on your NAV upgrades before actually upgrade. But he keept the detailed "secret", we had to visit his session about this later today. And then I had to leave the session to go to lunch with the other MVP's and our contacts at the NAV product group.

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