Convergence 2007 EMEA - Day 0 - Partnerday: Dynamics NAV 2008?

Today was the first day of Microsoft Convergence 2007 in Copenhagen. Well not really the first "real" day, but partnerday, where only partners, speakers and Microsoft employees were invited (including Dynamics MVP's).

Not much interesting happened today. The partner keynote was made by Klaus Holse Andersen and Kirill Tatarinov and the most interesting thing here IMHO was that they annouced that the recently announced renaming of Dynamics NAV 5.1 to Dynamics NAV 6.0 is not really going to happen!

What will happen is that the Microsoft Dynamics products are going to follow the same version structure as the rest of the Microsoft products, where the products are named after the year they are being released, ex. Office 2007, SQL Server 2005 etc.

So Dynamics NAV 6.0 is only the CODE NAME - the real name will be Dynamics NAV 2008 (if it's really going to be released in 2008!). The same will happen to Dynamics AX 5.0 - that will be called Dynamics AX 2008, GP 11.0 will be GP 2009, SL 8.0 will be SL 2009.

I'm right now sitting together with David Singleton and later we are going to the Exhibition opening drinks party. But there are many interesting people, and so far I have met a lot of old friends and co-workers. So not so much news today, but a lot of networking!

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