Congratulations to MiBuSo with the 10 years

Last week I had a very nice trip together with my wife driving our car the 10 hours it takes to go to Belgium. Not my first time in Belgium, but the first time where Belgium was the target and not just a stop on the way to France. And the reason was the Mibuso Conference. Luc (the owner of Mibuso) had arranged this conference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mibuso.

And of course I had to participate. Many of the participants I talked to was very surprised that I was participating. They were really seeing Dynamics User Group and Mibuso as heavy competitors and thus they thought that I was strange to meet me there.

But that’s not how I see it. Yes of course we are competitors. But I’m very happy for fact that Luc started Mibuso in 1999. As a true libertarian then I’m a strong believer in competition. And I know that the Dynamics User Group would not have been so strong and great, if there had not been a Mibuso. And that’s to the benefit of all the users of Navision and later Microsoft Dynamics.

If you take a look around the internet on other commercial software packages (except development packages), then there are not many which have such a strong community as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV community. You need to look at the open source systems available to find something similar.

And as such I think that Microsoft is really not appreciating neither Mibuso nor the Dynamics User Group enough. Yes they have awarded both Luc and me with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. And when we received it first time in 2004, then I really felt it was “something”. But now, when they have given this award to almost 20 other community members, then I it’s not really so much worth any longer.

So let me be the first to really thank Luc van Dyck for the great work he has done to the whole Dynamics NAV community.  You have taken any opportunity you have been given. Whenever the Dynamics User Group was down (and between 2004 and 2006 that was a lot), then you have been there to pick up the community members, not leaving them in the dark. That many of them stayed with you, even after my site was back and rocking, that only shows that you have been doing good work on Mibuso.

But stay alert, whenever your site is down for only a few hours, then the community know that there’s an alternative. I can clearly see it on the access statistics here on 

My wife and I had a great trip to Belgium. She was shopping doing the day and came to the conference venue to participate in the dinner and party after. Friday we drove to Amsterdam and enjoyed a nice day and night in this beautiful city, that in many ways reminds me so much about Copenhagen. Just a bit more fun!

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